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Flatbed FAQs

Can my vehicle tow it? Your vehicle will require a tow rating of 2000 lbs or better and a class II hitch rating or higher.  Most mid-size 4×4 vehicles have 2000-3500 lb. tow ratings. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for exact details.

What is the payload capacity? 2000 lbs.

What electrical connection do I need? All AT trailers utilize a standard 7 pin RV connection.

Does the trailer require brakes? No but we strongly recommend them. Most 4×4 vehicles are modified with larger tires and often do not have brake upgrades resulting in greater stopping distances. Towing a trailer will also increase stopping distance. Many an accident could be avoided with improved braking. Additionally trailer braking can be manipulated via the in-cab controller allowing for certain techniques to be employed in on & off road scenarios.

Will I need a brake controller? Yes. An electric brake controller will be required in the vehicle if the brake option is selected.

Can wheels be matched to my tow vehicle? Yes, in fact it is recommended so that the vehicle spare will work on the trailer and vice versa. Standard available bolt patterns are 5/4.5, 5/5, 5/5.5 and 6/5.5. Optional 8/6.5 is available upon request. For vehicles that are different from standard like 5/150mm, 5/6.5 and others, we can match the pattern with a custom machined wheel adapter. Wheels that have a backspacing of 4.5” or greater, or the center hole of the wheel is less than 2.65” a corrective wheel adapter is required.

What size tires can be fitted? The Overland Flatbed can fit 31” to 37” tire diameters.

How long will the battery run the accessories? A single group 31 battery will typically run a fridge and lights for 3 days depending upon ambient temperatures. If more run time or more accessories are required, we will consult with you to “right size” a system for you utilizing the most appropriate technologies available such as solar or generator.

How does the battery charge? The battery will charge from your tow vehicle while on the road or from the recommended shore charging option from a conventional 110/120 volt outlet.

How much does it weigh? The base Overland Flatbed weighs 700 lbs (318 kg). Typical option configurations bring the weight to 850 lbs (386 kg).

What kind of maintenance is required? Periodic maintenance includes critical wheel bearing and hub maintenance which must be performed once a year or every 12,000 mile, whichever comes first. Your trailer comes with an owner’s manual that includes a service schedule.

What is the warranty? AT provides a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Accessories carry the manufacturer’s warranty. We provide ongoing support for the life of the trailer.

Where can I see one in person? At the Main Line Overland Showroom, call in advance for an appointment.