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2019 Lexus GX460 - Vehicle Build

Main Line Overland's Pete Henwood and owner Rob Cook of @Overland_1.0 talk about what it took to go from a brand new, bone-stock 2019 GX460 to the ultimate overland travel rig. This is a long one because every inch of this vehicle has been customized, from the Prado Front Bumper, to the Metal Tech Rear Swing-Out Bumper Complex, to the MLO Sliders, to the Icon Stage 7 Suspension Kit, E-Lockers, Extensive Electrical Upgrades, and EVO Corse Wheels/ 34" tire combo. Cook has previously built a 100 Series Toyota Land Cruiser with MLO, but this Lexus GX460 will prove to be a formidable rig for his upcoming Alaska family adventure.