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MLO Teaser: Gearing and Differentials


Time for a re-gear? Ready to add a differential locker to your 4x4 quiver? Choosing the right shop for your re-gear and/or differential locker install can be a mission-critical choice when planning your next adventure. In this teaser to a longer gearing discussion, Pete and Justin from MLO hit on some common gearing failure points, as well as our re-gearing services and new core program for folks looking for a bench-built solution. With over 25 years of re-gearing experience, MLO has the off-road expertise and skilled technicians to give you peace of mind on the trail. 
For a re-gearing assessment, give us a call at 844-656-7626 or email us at to let us know what tire size and gear gear combo you are running on your vehicle, and how you would like to increase performance and/or capability.