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Recovery Essentials: MAXTRAX


 If we at MLO could only fit one piece of recovery gear in our budget, a set of MAXTRAX would be our only purchase. Bow shackles and kinetic ropes are great, but when a vehicle is stuck in mud, snow, or slippery terrain we'll always reach for the MAXTRAX first. Why? Because in places where there is little available traction like snow, mud, and sand, self-recovery using sand ladders and traction boards always beats more complex methods that could put the recovery vehicle in similar straits.

MaxTrax Recovery

 MAXTRAX are light-weight and mountable anywhere on a vehicle, and they are well-designed, with traction points on the top and bottom of the boards that will not damage tires like some metal board designs. There are some pretenders out there selling thinner, cheaper traction boards, but MAXTRAX are Injection-moulded from the highest quality UV-stabilised engineering-grade ‘super tough’ reinforced Nylon, and they have been torture-tested by some of the heaviest vehicles in the US military. MaxTrax MKII recovery devices are available in a variety of colors, and come with orange tethers to find your boards when they have been buried in the sand and muck. A variety of mounting options are available, with the most popular being rear wheel harnesses and locking pin sets, both of which hold up to 4 MAXTRAX.

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