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Wrappon- Waterless-Odorless-Waste-Sealing Portable Toilet


Type: Exterior Accessories

The Wrappon Toilet brings convenience, hygiene, and portability together in this innovative toilet system. The Wrappon Toilet operates with a 12-volt power supply and has no need for water, sewer or holding tanks. Waste is hermetically sealed into separate pouches that are disposed of like diapers or pet waste. The Wrappon Toilet’s minimal operating requirements make it an ideal choice for camping, hunting, backcountry cabins, remote work sites, on cruisers, boats or pontoons, in campers or RVs, emergency preparedness, or tailgating at your favorite ballgame. Unlike traditional camp toilets, all waste is individually sealed therefore the Wrappon Toilet does not require a holding tank to be cleaned. Ever. Simply remove the waste pouch and the toilet is ready for use again in 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 10 days. Because all waste is hermetically sealed and removed, you never need to worry about foul odors again. The Wrappon Toilet Kit comes with an AC/DC converter for direct connection to any 110-220 volt wall outlet, 1 roll of Film, and 1 box of Coagulant. A rechargeable battery and car adapter cable are also available allowing you to bring the Wrappon Toilet anywhere.


  • Model No: GRSE0001UH
  • External Dimensions (stored): 17 11/32"W x 18 1/8"D x 10 5/8"H (inches)
  • Seat Height (assembled): 17 7/16"H
  • Weight: Main Unit: Approximately 26.5lbs; AC Adapter Approximately 2.2lbs
  • Power Supply: DC 12V; AC 110V (when AC adapter used)
  • Power Consumption: 120W or less during seal operation and 10W or less when in standby

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