Rigid Industries E-Series 28" LED Spot/Flood Combo Light Bar

Rigid Industries

Collections: Closeouts, MAOF5

Type: Lighting

This product is open-box, original packaging, unused and contains the wiring harness and brackets. It was a display piece

The E-Series light bar has set the standard in the industry through continuing advances in technology and superior engineering. Available in a wide range of lengths and configurations, Rigid Industries' flagship is the light bar of choice for everything from light truck or car applications and vehicle race teams to farming equipment and police or fire rescue vehicles. The E-Series light bar is designed to project light at extreme distances while consuming very little power. It features an extruded aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens that is sealed against the elements to provide years of trouble-free operation. Rigid Industries' patented Hybrid optics system is powerful, efficient LED optics system. Utilizing a combination of lens and reflector, the Hybrid optics system captures the maximum amount of light emitted from the LED and projects it exactly where you want it. This Rigid Industries light features a combination of both Spot and Flood versions of Rigid Industries' patented Hybrid optics system. Rigid Industries' Hybrid Spot optic projects light over great distances in a concentrated beam and is the most powerful spot-style LED light in the industry. This makes it perfect for high speeds and situations where you need extreme distance. Rigid Industries' Hybrid Flood optic, while offering just over half the distance of the Spot version, provides twice the coverage area. When combined, the Hybrid Spot and Flood optics provide the perfect combination of both distance and area. Rigid Industries' durable aluminum housings feature custom, over-sized heat sinks which keep the temperature down and allow Rigid Industries' LED's to run cooler and brighter. Rigid Industries LED lights are engineered to withstand whatever you, or nature can throw at them. Specifications: Watts: 154, Ampere Draw: 11.16, LED's: 56, Raw Lumens: 12880, Lux at 10m: 3810, Beam Distance: 1234m, Peak Beam Intensity: 380950 cd.

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