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Overland Solar

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The 180 Watt Portable Solar Kit is Overland Solar's largest triple fold plug and play system for those who need big power beyond the typical overland or small to medium RV's, off grid cabins, and hunting camps integrated with our own built-in weather-proof charge controller. With thousands of systems sold, this kit has been proven to deliver reliable, efficient power across the globe.

Ready to go out of the box, simply unfold the kit and face toward the sun, then connect the battery and you're charging! The self-contained system easily fits in RVs, truck campers, and boats. The three stage charge controller can be easily by bypassed for use in larger systems or systems already installed with a charge controller, like your RV or trailer.


*Not All Solar is Created Equal
There are many types and brands on the market to choose from, some at much lower or higher costs. Ultimately, the value of a system is only measured by the amps into your battery.  With the most efficient and shade-resistant cells on the market combined with Overland Solar's high-quality charge controller and wiring, OS systems offer the best value - more power, smaller size, and longest life. 

Learn why Sunpower panels outperform!

Each System Includes

  • Built-in 3-stage, dust-proof and water resistant charge controller for all battery types easily bypassed with quick connects for use in larger systems
  • Custom molded case
  • Alligator clips for temporary connection to battery
  • Anderson connections for quick connection to accessories


  • 24.5’’ x 63’’ unfolded
  • 24.5’’ x 21’’ folded
  • 37 lbs 
  • Charges your 12 or 24 volt batteries
  • Able to deliver up to 10 Amps/hr to your 12 volt battery 


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