National Luna Weekender 50 Liter Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel *Free Shipping*

National Luna

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Weekender 50 Liter Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

The National Luna Fridge line has won the Overland Journal Editor's Choice award, twice. It is designed to be the Toughest, Smartest, and Hardest working portable fridge in the world. The Weekender 50 Liter Stainless Steel model offers a 40 Liter fridge and 10 Liter freezer inside a polished Stainless Steel shell. The 10 Liter freezer section is designed to cool 10 degrees Celcius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) lower than the fridge side. It is the only 2 zone fridge freezer of this size on the market. It cools faster and runs on less energy than any fridge in this industry. If you are looking for the best there is, this is the fridge for you. It has proven itself on every continent, and is available to you.



  • Separate 40 Liter Fridge / 10 Liter Freezer compartments, under one lid
  • Freezer compartment is a constant 18-20ºF cooler than programmed temperature
  • Dual direction hinging lid (customizable)
  • Separate internal clear plastic lid for freezer compartment
  • Digital thermostat
  • Turbo mode, when surplus power available
  • Battery Save mode when engine is off (supply voltage less than 13.1V DC)
  • 3 level selectable low battery protection , Fault-ID & self diagnostic display
  • Built in Battery Monitor
  • Full surround metal cooling plates
  • High-strength, spring loaded carry handles
  • Lockable latch
  • Interior light
Item #3060
External Dimensions 28"L x 15"W x 20"H, 33.25"H with lid raised
Actual Volume Right Bin: 42.25 quart (40L) Left Bin: 10.5 quart (10L)
Weight 58 lbs.
Materials Rigidized stainless steel exterior, smooth stainless steel interior
Insulation 40mm thick, high density foam injected
Baskets Divided Freezer compartment with lid
Color Silver
Compressor Danfoss BD35F
Power supply 12 / 24V DC, 120V AC standard
Power consumption draw* 12V - 2.5 Amps average running current
Power Consumption range* 1.53 - 2.6 amp/hour average power draw
* Average power consumption is measured in a controlled environment with specific thermostat settings. Actual power consumptions may vary considerably with ambient temperature, thermostat settings and frequency of use. Power consumption will increase during periods of surplus available power (Turbo mode)
Shipping Dims. 30"L x 18"W x 22"H
Item FRI-10500/NLS257

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