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National Luna Dual Battery Controller Surface Mount

National Luna

Dual Battery Controller Surface Mount

Works seemlessly with Intelligent Solenoid and Portable Power Pack

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The Dual battery controller is specifically designed to be combined with the National Luna split-charge systems (Intelligent Solenoid or Portable Power Pack). This model allows the user to over-ride the split-charge system's built-in timer, useful for winching or start assistance when the main battery is too low.

Dual Battery Controller Functions

  • Monitors the charge level of both batteries on both voltage and percentage based scales.
  • Low Voltage Audible Alarm will let you know when your battery is running low.
  • High Voltage Audible Alarm will let you know if an unsafe level of current is flowing through your system.
  • Manually override the solenoid connection for jump starting and winching.
  • Lights and alarms can be manually shut off.


  • Simple installation
  • 2 individual battery displays
  • 11"6" cable (standard)
  • 3 year comprehensive warranty
  • Excessive discharge warning
  • Over-charge warning
  • Polarity protected
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • 11.4V to 15V operation (ideal for automotive use)
  • Programmed for non-linear lead-acid battery characteristics
  • Audible alarm as standard (can be muted)
  • Display on/off feature (Sleep mode)
Item #3415
Physical size 4.25"L x 2"W x 1"H
Weight 2 oz
Power supply  8Vdc - 15Vdc (display range: 11.4V - 14.2V)
Low-voltage warning DC voltage below 11.4V
Over-charge warning  DC voltage above 14.65V
Cable 11"6" 4-core cable (removable)
Power consumption 8mA (sleep mode-option) , 35mA average , 40mA max
Shipping Dims 11"L x 9"W x 5"H
Item BMS-10301NLS390

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