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MLO XL (New) Soft Shackles

Main Line Overland

Type: Exterior Accessories

MLO XL Soft Shackles 

  • Strong, light, silent, adaptive, multiuse, quick & easy to operate.
  • Weighs a fraction of a metal shackle
  • Can attach to many places a metal shackle cannot.
  • Independently load tested for strength ratings

Diameter: 1/2"

Strength lbs: 47,200

WLL lbs: 11,800

Length: X long

Color: Charcoal

Easy to Use

The slip loop end of the MLO Soft Shackle should be placed over the opposing ends knot and securely tightened to create a closed-loop device. Position knot and slip loop in free space away from other recovery gear or your attachment point. Works best on smooth, rounded surfaces. Do not place around sharp objects.

**Not for use in dynamic (snatch) recoveries**

**Not for lifting use or use during any life-saving operations**

Main Line Overland disclaims all liability and responsibility for any injury or damage that may occur when using a recovery product sold by Main Line Overland. Engaging in a vehicle recovery is dangerous and involves extreme loads and exertion of forces which can result in injury or death. Please seek professional instruction in the proper use of all recovery gear.

For liability reasons, load-bearing recovery gear may not be returned or exchanged.

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