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Ironman- Nitro Gas 4" Suspension Kit - Performance Load (0-550LBS) Suited for Jeep Wrangler JK

Ironman 4x4

Type: Suspension & Lift Kits


Ironman 4x4 Nitro Gas Suspension Kits make a big improvement in ride quality, stability, strength, and handling over the stock suspension. 

Perfect for outdoor adventures into the backcountry and back home again without breaking the bank.

Nitro Gas Kits give your 4x4 increased payload capabilities so you can bring all of your bikes, kayaks, and surfboards out to your favorite spots with no compromise of comfort or performance.

Have a safe and awesome adventure without the worry of your suspension, backed by our solid 3-year warranty, get out and explore!


Estimated Lift: 4"
Package Details: Kit
Additional Notes: JK 4" Lift kit may not be legal for road use in your area, certification may be required for on-road use.

Pressurized shock absorber boosts performance and adapts to a wide range of driving styles.

  • NITROGEN GAS PRESSURIZED - Low pressure nitrogen gas dramatically reduces the likelihood of oil aeration and shock fade.
  • 35mm TEFLON BANDED PISTON - Precision shim-stack piston specifically valved by Ironman suspension engineers, banded with teflon for smooth long life operation.
  • 54mm TWIN TUBE BODY - Increased oil volume for improved cooling and endurance, Twin tube construction protects internal components from rock damage.
  • 16mm – 18mm HARD CHROME PISTON ROD - Hardened and polished, volumetrically balanced to piston size.
  • FLEXIBLE RUBBER BUSHES - Offers quieter operation and reduces damaging side loads from shock absorber.
  • TRIPLE-LIP HIGH PRESSURE NOK SEAL - Maximum gas and oil retention ability to withstand high displacement offroad use.
  • SUPPLEMENTARY WELDED MOUNTS -  Fusion welded and supplementary welded for maximum strength and reliability.
  • SINGLE PIECE BILLET EYE RINGS AND STEMS - Ultra robust design prevents breakage or bending of mounts.
  • VEHICLE SPECIFIC VALVING -  Every part number is specially valved for each vehicle application, this ensures the best possible ride and handling as intended by Ironman suspension engineers.
  • LONG TRAVEL - Suitable for standard and raised height vehicles, additional length increases wheel articulation.
  • IMPACT RESISTANT STONE SHIELD - Steel or Polyethylene dust shield protects piston rod from impacts and road debris.

This Kit Includes:

  • JEEP019B - Front Coil Springs (4" Lift) Performance Load 0-110LBS (one set)
  • JEEP020B  - Rear Coil Springs (4" Lift) Performance Load 0-550LBS (one set)
  • 12751LGR - Front Shock Absorber - Nitro Gas (Suit 4" Lift) (2)
  • 12752LGR - Rear Shock Absorber - Nitro Gas (Suits 4" Lift) (2)
  • 3540 - Steering Damper
  • JKBK01L - Steering Rod Flip Kit
  • JKBK02 - Front Shock Relocation Kit
  • JKBK03 - Radius Arm Relocation Kit
  • JKBK04 - Brake Hose Extension Kit
  • PANHARD010 - Front Adjustable Panhard Rod
  • PANHARD012 - Rear Adjustable Panhard Rod
  • JKBK05L - Rear Panhard Rod Relocation Kit
  • JKBK06 - Bump Stop Spacer Kit
  • SBEXT008 - Adjustable Swaybar Extensions

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