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Goose Gear- Tacoma Double Cab 2nd Row Seat Delete (without Back Wall Panels) (2nd & 3rd Generations)

Goose Gear

Type: Interior Accessories

Toyota Tacoma second row seat delete for Double Cab trucks.

This version is for the base plate only and does not include the back wall panels.

The second row seat delete system is designed to create a flat platform that you can use to secure your gear, for the dogs bed and can also be used to store your refrigerator of cooler. Other options include a drawer system that will open out through the open vehicle door and will also include a Bullet Lined top plate for the drawer that has an access door so you can open the drawer and then reach through the drawer into the factory storage cubby below the rear seat.

Images shown include both the 40% and 60% options but are sold separately.

The non subwoofer versions require the removal of the factory rear plastic panels. The subwoofer version does not include a back wall panel and works around the factory subwoofer plastic enclosure.

40% delete is for the drivers side of the vehicle and comes in one variation for all 2nd and 3rd gen rigs.

60% delete is for the passengers side of the vehicle and comes in two versions, one to go around the factory subwoofer and another version for those wishing to remove or that do not have the factory subwoofer option.

Note: Drawer must be purchased separately.


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