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ARB Summit Front Bumper for 2019+ Ford Ranger


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Product Specification

The Summit Bumper for the 2019 Ford Ranger continues the tradition of pioneering innovation with a relentless pursuit of quality. Like its Summit Bumper counterparts, this bumper is winch-compatible and sits higher on the vehicle for improved ground clearance. Moreover, the Ranger Bumper‘s wings are designed to fit around the vulnerable OE light located in the lower flare to provide enhanced protection.

Additional adjustments were made for Rangers with adaptive cruise control to ensure compatibility with an ARB Bumper. Now, adaptive cruise control is kept in a central position and can be mounted with the control box using a supplementary kit. Additional features include press-form cover straps, larger ARB fog lights, surround, and a three- piece split pan grille with access doors for winch-clutch operation.

Kit Components - 3440560K

  • 1 x Summit Bumper
  • 1 x Fit Kit
  • 1 x LED Fog Light Kit
  • 1 x Winch Installtion Kit (seperate WARN ZEON fit kits may be required)

Buffers, Split-Pan Grille, and Fog-Light Surround:

The Summit Bumper for the Ranger features two-piece buffers, a split-pan grille, and ARB Fog Light surround that suits fitment of ARB fog light part no. 3500910. All three components are designed to integrate with each other and the bumper design.

The upright section of the two-piece buffer has a style line to complement the fog light surround. The intersection of the 62.6mm (2.5in) press-formed cover strap and buffer is covered by an intersection cap to provide a neat finish.

To provide access to winch-clutch handles and to assist with valuable air flow to the radiator, the split pan has a three-piece grille for an integrated, OE-style appearance.

Dual doors allow access to winch-clutch handles and to assist with driving light fitment and adjustment.

Parking Sensors:

A laser-cut provision is provided in the lower pan and each wing for the OE front parking sen- sors. OE parking sensors have been mapped and their performance closely replicated when fitted to the Ranger.

Adaptive Cruise Control:

Some Ranger trim packages feature adaptive cruise control with forward-collision alert.

To relocate the adaptive cruise-control module to a central location, the recessed control mount has been replaced with a separate bolt-in winch-control box installation kit.

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