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Norweld Aluminium Tray

  • Norweld - MLO Ute Tray Package
  • Norweld 6 foot Tray with back rack
  • Norweld 6 foot tray with open rear bed wall
  • Norweld 6 foot mid size tray with Four Wheel Camper Fleet Flat Bed Camper
  • Norweld 6 Foot Tray on a Toyota Tacoma with Woolrich Four Wheel Camper Fleet Flatbed
  • Norweld Aluminum Ute Tray

Norweld Trays can be ordered as a bare tray, or with options including removable bed walls, under-tray drawers, under-bed storage boxes, and fuel/ water tanks. Trays come loaded with LED tail and turn signal lights. Fuel filler necks/ caps are also an option, based on vehicle configuration.

We currently offer Norweld Ute Trays for most U.S. Spec Trucks from Mid-Size (5 & 6ft) to Full-Size (6.5 & 8ft) bed sizes.  This includes tray fitments for Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota and Nissan.  

Norweld Flatbed trays are also the number one option for fitting a Four Wheel Camper Flatbed Camper to your truck.  Whether you're looking to fit the 8 foot Grandby Camper, the 6.5 Foot Hawk Camper or 6 Foot Mid-Sized Fleet Camper, the Norweld units are the best option for fit and finish with a Flat Bed Camper.

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