Horizon Specs


  • Overall Length: 124″
  • Overall Width: 68
  • Main Cargo Box: 40″W x 30″H x 54″L
  • Side Box: 14″W x 14″H x 54″L
  • Nose Box: (32″ W + 12″W) x 20.5″ H x 21.375″L
  • Cubic Capacity: 54 Cubic Feet
  • Water Tank: 19 Gallons
  • Propane Tank: 11 lbs.
  • Gas Cans: 5 Gallons each
  • Base Trailer Weight: 1100 lbs.
  • Payload: 1600 lbs.*
  • Ground Clearance: 24″
  • Box Material: 14 Gauge Steel
  • Chassis Material: 2″ x 3″ x .120″ steel tube
  • Bumper material: 2″ x 5″ x .187″ steel tube
  • Coating: Zinc primer and powder coating
*Payload includes all options and features added to the base trailer plus water and fuel storage.
Gasoline weighs 6.25 lb per gallon. Water weighs 8.35 lb per gallon.

When packing your trailer place the heaviest items on the bottom of the load box. Split your cargo weight 60% forward of the axle and 40% behind it. Use stackable packing containers to store non perishable food stuffs and smaller items. Strap your loads down using the tie downs and tie down taps within the load box to stop the load from shifting during travel.

Measurements are to be used as guidelines only.

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