Dan Etheridge

Dan Etheridge is our fabrication and logistics expert with extensive experience in long distance overland trip planning, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fabrication, mechanical challenges and navigation techniques. UK born, Dan is a true farm-raised outdoorsman with a deep-seated passion for all things adventure.  Growing up on a small farm in the heart Southern England’s Hampshire countryside, life was not short on adventures (and mishaps).  Learning to drive at a very young age on tractors and various farm vehicles, one of his earlier experiences was in a 1960 ex British Army Series 2 Land Rover where he struggled with not being big enough to push the heavy clutch all the way down and see up over the steering wheel at the same time–as you can imagine it made for an interesting driving style.  With life around the farm, there where all manner of different vehicles to experiment with, and having access to a workshop complete with his Grandfather’s lathes and engineering tools was a great advantage. It was around 9 years old that Dan was given his first motorcycle by his brother;  it was a steep learning curve, which unfortunately ended with the much loved bike in a ball of flames (but that’s a whole other story).  Unperturbed, his love of motorcycles was born, and over the years the list of bikes owned just kept growing.  At about 13, Dan had his first 4-wheeled off-roader but it wasn’t a 4×4. It was a home built contraption which basically consisted of the front and rear subframes of a Mini welded together with a flimsy tubular roll cage on top. It was the source of great fun, although the greatest learning experience it provided was how to repair the side of a barn after an unplanned wipeout in the mud!

Once old enough to drive on the road, Dan would soon be mudding around the green lanes of England in a 1985 Suzuki SJ410 with a home fabricated 2″ lift and oversize wheels and tires. Living close to the Salisbury Plain Tank Range there was plenty of opportunity to put the little truck through it’s paces. It could almost go anywhere a CR2 tank would go–almost.  And of course you can’t be a true Brit without an insatiable love for Land Rovers, and Dan is no exception–most recently with a 1996 Defender 90 with the much preferred 300 tdi engine.  Dan’s love for adventure naturally turned into the need to travel, and a passion for overlanding was born with various trips all over the world, some on 2 wheels, some on 4, and some with just a backpack.  In 2000, Dan left the UK for New Zealand to pursue an apprenticeship as a Blacksmith/Farrier and took full advantage of what “God’s Own Country” had for the outdoor adventurer. The travel bug was well and truly caught and has prompted trips to many countries including Thailand and surrounding islands, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Spain, United Kingdom (England, Scotland,Wales) USA, (covering all but a few of the lower 48 states), and most recently an 8 country trip around Europe taking in the UK, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and Belgium.

Dan takes every opportunity to explore new places and all they have to offer.  As always, with any trip there is a focus on safety.  Dan is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy FF1 and a qualified first responder. He is also a keen wildlife photographer, and enjoys a multitude of outdoor pursuits that compliment his lifestyle, such as hiking, camping, kayaking, mountaineering, orienteering, trail running, beekeeping, and general farm fun, and of course, most importantly, spending time with best friend and wife Annie, and their dogs and horses.