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You may not be keen on camping and may decide that you don't need all the accouterments often acquired by the seasoned camper, but one purchase you can't go wrong with is the LifeSaver Jerrycan! The Eartheasy Jerrycan is more than just a canteen. Yes, this device stores water, but it can also make fresh, clean water easily. It can take any water source and remove all bacteria, dirt and other unpleasantries of unfiltered water. The Jerrycan makes clean, purified, refreshing drinking water, and it does so without leaving behind the plasticky chemical taste that comes from many cleaners on the market today. The Jerrycan is a great water purifier for camping but can be used for critical life-saving situations in an unplanned emergency. Don't be caught unprepared — find your Eartheasy Jerrycan today.

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