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Air bags are great for controlling ride height and leveling your vehicle under heavy loads. However, they aren’t perfect. Due to the way they flex, they can cut your suspension’s travel by up to 20 percent. Daystar airbag cradles address this by supporting the bottom of the bag. As the suspension compresses, the Daystar air bag cradle lets the bag collapse without catching on other suspension components. This allows more movement and a greater range in operating pressures. Daystar cradles also let your truck handle heavier towing with a smaller leaf pack, maintaining ride quality. While they won’t work miracles on their own, these cradles are a vital part of building a reliable off-road airbag suspension.
The universal air bag cradle works with most 6 inch diameter bellows-style air bags. These bags are the most common size used in suspension kits. That makes these Daystar cradles Ram 2500 and 3500 compatible, and they’ll work with most other trucks and SUVs.

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