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Do you want to protect the front end of your Sprinter without fitting a giant, ugly bumper? This CAtuned Hammerhead bumper is strong enough to protect your van from scrapes and bumps, and small enough keep it from looking tacked on. Each CA tuned bumper is fabricated in California, and uses 100% metal construction. This Sprinter bumper has space for a winch, and comes with an extra front hitch. The Hammerhead bumper Sprinter kit also has a tall bar that is ideal for mounting additional lights.
While this unit it isn’t as big as some bumpers and bull bars, you still need to relocate the radar sensor during installation. This sensor should function normally when recalibrated, but, like any safety modification, this is done at the owner’s own risk. Also, keep in mind that the CAtuned Sprinter bumper has to be sent by freight. When you order, we’ll get in touch with you for a shipping quote.

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