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Carli Suspension

Are you looking for a way to improve your truck’s suspension without destroying ride quality? A Carli suspension base kit has everything you need to increase suspension travel while maintaining compliance. Each Carli suspension leveling system is engineered to correct problems caused by your truck’s stock suspension, while supporting other improvements, including adding space for larger tires. For example, the Carli leveling kit Ram 2500 package includes in-house tuned Fox chocks and blueprinted coils that increase suspension travel by 50%. This Carli suspension lift kit lets you fit 35 x 12.5 inch tires, and it lifts the front by 2 ½ inches, leveling the truck.
Be sure to check the description before ordering your Carli 2.5 leveling kit. Carli offers advice on how to get the most from their suspension systems, including tire, wheel, stabilizer and sway bar choices. This makes it easy to build a complete suspension system that offers better off-road performance without ruining on-road stability.

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