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MAOF 2018 Festival Map

The MAOF 2018 Festival Map is now available for viewing and download! MAOF’s 220 acres of field and forest terrain offers easily accessible vistas and trails from mild to wild. This map is a guide to trail names and general directions of travel. Conditions on the farm are always changing, so consult a MAOF Volunteer (Orange Shirts) before exploring for trail difficulty, current conditions, and groups that may already be on the trails. 

General guidelines for trail riding on MAOF Trails or in surrounding PA State Forest Trails: 

  1.  Let someone outside of the group know where you are going, and when you plan to be back
  2.  Ride with an experienced lead and put strong drivers in the front, middle, and rear of your group when possible
  3.  Bring cell phones and radios if you have them and distribute to key positions in the riding group
  4. Pre-visualize your vehicle line BEFORE you commit, including anticipated difficult spots, escape routes, and a plan for vehicle recovery if you get stuck or break down
  5. Bring recovery gear, essential tools, and a spares kit and know how to use them—safety is paramount in vehicle recovery
  6. Bring a field First Aid Kit and know how to use it 
  7. Plan to be out of the woods a few hours before dark
  8.  Have Fun!