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ARB has made a design innovation in vehicle jacking for the recreational off-road and overland travel world. The original High-Lift Jack's design has been primarily unchanged for over 100 years, until now, with the new ARB Jack. The old crank system operated by pulling down a level under extreme tension is no more. The ARB Jack uses a safer and easier hydraulic system that is commonly found in floor jacks but allows you to lift much higher. This technology has been used in race jacks for events like the Baja 1000, Dakar Rally and other offroad navigational races. ARB presents this race-inspired technology to off-road enthusiasts at a reasonable price. The ARB Jack body is made from aircraft-grade 6061 T6 aluminum which allows the jack to be super strong and lighter weight. Using one large piece for the jack body allowed ARB to make the lifting pad adjust up and down the jack. This is great if your jack point is high off the ground. The jack is operated by pumping a lever that attached to the top of the jack. Once you have a secure base to jack on and the lifting pad in place you simply pump the lever and your car or truck will begin to rise up. To lower this jack it couldn't be simpler. There is a lowering lever on top that features a two-stage descent and a safety stop. The two-stage descent feature allows you to lower your car super slow for small adjustments or faster for when you're ready to get back on the trail. If you've ever used an old school high-lift jack you know how sketchy it can be to lower your car. I've heard many stories of people getting whacked in the face by their jack handle because it was wet or their hands just slipped. With the new ARB Jack, you will be able to lift your vehicle faster, easier and much safer. Another nice feature on the ARB Jack is that is can be used to pop the bead off your tire. Simply line up the curved cut out on the base of the jack next to the edge of your rim, find a spot to place the lifting pad, and start pumping the lever. This will be the easiest method you can find to unseat a tire bead. Once you're done using the jack, put in back in it's carrying bag and you're done. There is a larger ARB Jack Base that can be purchased seperately that is ideal for jacking in mud or sand. This jack is something that could be put in the hands of anyone and they could figure out how to use it. That can't be said for the traditional high-lift jack. For a closer look at the new ARB Jack and to see it in action, check out our video below.