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Reviewed: ARB OME BP-51 Suspension System

Main Line Overland recently got an up-close-and-personal look at ARB’s new OME BP-51 Suspension System during an install on a customer’s 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser (200 Series). While it is no secret that MLO is an ARB distributor and very familiar with their suspension systems, the BP-51 (Bypass 51mm diameter bore) shock absorbers offer some innovations that were new to even our stalwart off-road techs.


The first thing you notice on opening the ARB box is that the BP-51 is hands-down the best looking shock system on the market. ARB spent years developing this system, and they  certainly did not skimp on the finishing materials in their production models.The shock body  uses aircraft grade (6061) anodized aluminium, with internal channels designed to increase dampening by allowing fluid to bypass the shock piston at the top and bottom of the piston  stroke. This results in a progressively dampened shock that is both well-mannered on-road,  and resistant to sudden bottoming during the rigors of off-road travel. 

ARB also did not skimp on the system design and ease of installation: we found that the remote reservoir brackets and placement on the vehicle were both simple, and offered protection for the reservoir and oil line. The use of o-rings on the lower strut mount was also a welcome addition, as it adds a layer of dirt and grime protection to the lower heim joint. The BP-51 allows for on-vehicle rebound and compression adjustment via the included c-spanner tool. And since ARB is a complete accessories manufacturer, the instruction manual comes with a range of pre-load settings for use with different weight bumpers, winches, etc. The finished 200 Series Land Cruiser had a great looking stance in stock trim, and with stage 2 of the build around the corner, the BP-51 system can be adjusted to suit the added weight of bumpers, winches, sliders, etc. The butt-ometer test seems to have passed as well, as our customer raved about the on-road comfort after completing his 4 hour trip home.
Currently, the BP-51 system is available for Toyota Prado 150, FJ Cruiser, and 200 Series Land Cruiser, and ARB is currently taking pre-orders for the Jeep JK, which we may be in the queue for to outfit our MLO fleet vehicle.